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Preparation Tips & Tricks for CA-CPT Exam Dec-17

5 tips for cpt

While you are appearing the CA CPT examination, here are some “quick” tips that will add to your confidence and free you from the burden of the examination.

1.Prioritize Accounts

Accounting is a mark-fetching subject in CA CPT. In case you have commerce background, you are already acquainted with the fundamentals of Accounts. Try to solve as many problems as you can, covering all the chapters.

If you have no commerce background, you need to give more time on studying the theory parts and make clear concept of fundamental accounting principles of ‘debit’ and ‘credit’and learn formats applicable to different accounts, such as journals, cash book, trial balance and final accounts of proprietary accounts, partnership account and company account.

2. Mercantile Law

This is next to Accounts, with regard to fetching marks in the CA CPT. You should learn various provisions of the Contract Act, Sale of Goods Act, Negotiable Instrument Act, Partnership Act and Law of Torts. Make clear concept of the explanation of certain legal terminologies and their implications. You should also understand the implications of some important cases related to various acts.

3. Economics

In the CA CPT, this is comparatively, an easier subject and the Macro Economics part of it is more mark-fetching if you have made clear conception in the theory. It is about the study of national economics and of the government policies taken up for affecting the economic performance of a nation.

You will have to make a quick study of various chapters such as business cycles, policy, long-run economic performance, Productivity, consumption, saving and investment. Make your own notes on the important aspects of various chapters.

4. Quantitative Aptitude

This subject may seem little difficult to you if you are not very good at math. But, Statistics will be easier than math.

So, while preparing for your CA CPT, you can concentrate on Statistics by conceptualizing the theory and work out problems from averages, correlation and regression, differentiation and integration and theoretical distribution.

In the examination, you may be required to work out some problems to find out a single answer of the MCQs. You may keep this to be attempted at the last and in case you find some, very difficult, don’t spend much time on it; as otherwise, you may fail to attempt questions that may fetch marks for you. Always look to your watch and assign pre-conceived time for the same.

5.Non-Attempting the Whole

While appearing the CA CPT, don’t keep in mind that you will attempt the whole 100 questions assigned in the examination paper.

Rather keep in mind that you are to score a minimum of 30% in all the subjects. And if you give a wrong answer, you are losing 0.25 on the whole and a cumulative of wrong answers may drag you down the minimum scoring.

6. Reading Method

Read fast, the first page for five minutes and then read slowly to comprehend the topic clearly. After completion of a chapter in this way, attempt all the questions given in the book and then check the answers given.

Give tick mark on the correct answers which need not be attempted again. Put cross marks on incorrect answers which need to be revised

7. Revision Method

While making the revision, take up those areas where you have answered incorrectly at your first attempt. This process of revision should be repeated till you are fully-versed and correct on a particular chapter.

8. Practice Method

Practice to solve the past year questions and the probable questions for your ensuing CA CPT. It is here that you may experience difficulties. In that case, join a reputed CA coaching institute.

9. Scheduled Study

Chalk out a well-planned study schedule and adhere to the timings rigidly. In this regard, you can get better guidance if you join a CA coaching institute where you can take up mock tests.

10. Maintain Positivity

All throughout your preparation as well as in your examination maintain complete positivity without having any fear or apprehension about your success in your CA CPT.

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