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How to Prepare for CLAT 2016, Tips to Crack CLAT 2016 Exam, Preparation tips for Law Entrance Exams, Major Mistakes committed in CLAT Exam, Mistakes to be avoided while attempting CLAT paper, etc has been mentioned in this article.



CLAT (Common Law Admission Test), started in 2008, is an All India Entrance Examination conducted by 17 National Law Universities (NLUs) on rotational basis which provide a list of candidates on the basis of ‘Merit-cum-Preference’ to each University for admission to their Undergraduate (LL.B) and Postgraduate (LL.M) degree programs.

CLAT exam is conducted by any one of the National Law University (NLU) in chronological order (in order of their year of establishment).  CLAT-2016 will be conducted by  the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab for 2252 seats in U.G. Program and 632 seats in P.G. Program.


CLAT 1While preparing for any Competitive Exam, It become very important for the Candidate to make some strategy to successfully Crack the Exam. In this Article, we are providing you some stuff regarding how to prepare for the CLAT 2016 Examination. This will certainly help you to get motivated and give you the best possible guidance.

  • READ CURRENT AFFAIRS REGULARLY : Current Affairs and GK is that section of your CLAT syllabus for which no syllabus is defined. CLAT Aspirants should continue reading at least three English Newspapers a day including ‘The Hindu‘ and ‘The Indian Express‘. This will help them in a number of ways including Improving Vocabulary for English Section and Facts for Current Affairs Section. Watch News regularly including NDTV, BBC and CNN channels to get latest updates about Current Affairs.
  • PREPARE REVISION PLAN : Before starting your Revision, Prepare Daily subject wise Schedule. Daily Time Table provides you with the exact time to be devoted for a particular section of your Syllabus. This will help you devoting proper time for various sections of the syllabus so as to cover the whole syllabus.
  • AVOID READING ANYTHING NEW : Candidates should not start Reading or Preparing anything New related to the Exam at this stage, as it will increase Unnecessary Pressure. Instead, you should give more emphasis on your strong section of the syllabus so as to make it more stronger and not waste your time on the Weaker section.
  • SOLVE CLAT SAMPLE PAPERS : Once you are done with your revision, start solving as many CLAT Sample Papers as possible and that too within the fixed Time limit of 2 Hours. This will help you in getting clear picture of your CLAT preparation i.e. How many questions you have attempted and with what Accuracy Level. This will also help you find out your Weak Sections of the syllabus and accordingly, you can work on them.
  • GIVE ONLINE MOCK TESTS : Online Mock Test provides Real Analysis of the preparation level of an aspirant. A candidate should never ignore the mistakes done while taking Mock Tests and avoid repeating the same next time. These tests also help candidates in improving their thinking and reacting capability in the Real time Environment.  Mock Test also gives you the confidence of actually appearing for the Final Online Test as mock tests are based on the pattern of the actual CLAT Pattern.
  • RELAX YOURSELF : When Fed up from studies and want some relaxation, students should take a Break. CLAT aspirants shall use this time to Play Online Games or to do other Online activities using a Mouse which at one hand will help them in relaxing and on the other hand in controlling the mouse which will also help in giving CLAT Online Exam.

With Proper Guidance and Enough Practice, One can do Wonders !!!


Mistakes Even after following all the Rules, Time Table, Guidelines, etc for clearing CLAT Exam, Many students couldn’t make it to get into an NLU. Some students even tried to get through CLAT for Multiple times but were unable to succeed. What are the Reasons behind their Failure? What Mistakes are they doing while CLAT Exam which do not led them to NLU? 

Here, we have compiled some Common Mistakes made by the candidates appearing for CLAT Exam. So, If you’re planning to appear for CLAT 2016, avoid the following mistakes and be cautious while appearing for the Exam :-

  • DON’T PANIC…BE RELAXED Getting Nervous and Panicked at the time of exam makes it worst for you to Get Through the exam. It don’t let you answer even those questions that you are well versed with. Don’t allow your FEAR overpowers you. Be Confident and Positive during the exam. This will not only help you answer everything that you know, but it also helps you giving more Sensible thought to answer Doubtful Questions.
  • DON’T USE BLIND GUESSES Just to score More marks and Better Rank, Many candidates makes RANDOM GUESSES. Just because of blind Guesses, Candidates not only got a Penalty of 1/4 Negative Marking, but it also costs loss of time. If you are not sure about a question, it is better to leave that question rather than attempting it ‘WRONG‘.
  • PRACTICE ONLINE TEST Practice in Paper-Pen Mode for Online Exam is not so much effective. Practicing in Real Time exam environment will makes you more aware about various challenges that could deflect you from the exam. To avoid this in CLAT 2016 main exam, one must take atleast 5-6 Online Mock tests for CLAT. Taking tests Online helps in reducing exam anxiety and makes you more familiar with exam like environment. 
  • MAKE USE OF OPTIONS Many questions can be solved by the ‘Rejection’ of the Impossible options (cannot be an answer in any situation). Please Note – this technique does not apply in all situations.
  • READ THE QUESTIONS PROPERLY…DON’T MISINTERPRET‘Hurry creates Worry’ – In order to answer the questions quickly, many aspirants misinterpret the question and mark the answer accordingly. Read the questions properly before answering, else you will be end up Loosing Time and Marks.
  • SOLVE EASY QUESTIONS FIRST First solve those questions, which are Easy and will take Less Time. Always bear in mind that all questions bear equal marks, hence, No need to solve those questions first which are difficult or Take more time.
  • DO NOT GET STUCK ON A QUESTION Do not waste your time on any question, if you are not able to solve it within 1-2 Mins and if you feel that you might got stucked, Leave it for Second Round.
  • THINK POSITIVELY – A positive attitude is the key to Crack the CLAT Exam and reach more closer to your dream ‘NLU’. Don’t focus on how tough the CLAT exam are supposed to be. Instead, Concentrate your energies on reminding yourself that you can and will crack the CLAT in one go.

All the Best for your Exams !!!    Good Luck

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